Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wakefield, Walsingham and Weetwood

An unusual shot of the Shrine Church at Walsingham taken from the College garden.

I have been trying to find time to post these pictures for a few days, but it has been one of those weeks - or normal life, as we call it. Last weekend saw our Parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham, and in between the carefully timetabled rush from one thing to another, I did remember to take a few shots of Fr Philip leading the Stations of the Cross on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Before travelling down on the Friday morning, it was off to Wakefield Cathedral with our Year 6 Class from Elland C of E School, for a visit generously funded by a collection on Education Sunday. Ali, the Cathedral's Education Officer was present to welcome us, to show our young people around the Cathedral, reflecting on the faith that inspires a living building, and then to take part in a Stained Glass Workshop.

What was clearly noticeable as we worked in areas just along from the votive candles, was how many people were coming in to light a candle, and to offer a prayer. The Cathedral's fairly unique position, not just in the City Centre, but very much merging with it, obviously encourages people to call in as easily as calling into their favourite shop.

Last Tuesday was spent in the plush surroundings of Weetwood Hall in North Leeds, now a well appointed Hotel and Conference Centre, but when I knew it 30 years ago, a somewhat run-down University Hall of Residence. The first day of the Common Purpose Course, which the Diocese has encouraged me to take part in this year. I don't easily sign up for Courses on Leadership, not least because I'm not sure that Priesthood and leadership are the same, but this was a very long but fascinating day, with a good cross section from Private, Public and Voluntary Sectors in Yorkshire.