Monday, 8 February 2010

Random and Occasional

This is a blog for my Random and Occasional Jottings on Parish Life, Liturgy and Spirituality, Music, the mighty Leeds Rhinos and Leeds United, and whatever else takes my attention. Having tried occasional blogging in the past with articles on the Parish websites, I'm bemused that a return to regular blogging on my part should have coincided with Pope Benedict's call to priests to Blog. Perhaps more than anything else, this Blog is a challenge to myself. I am not good with words, especially if they are my own. Praying the Liturgy however is a joy, as (most) of those words are given. As a child there was considerable doubt whether I would ever be able to speak clearly. Nowadays we would call it speech therapy, but then it was perhaps simply common sense on my parents behalf that transformed a situation. But I am left with the recurring sense that any words, spoken or written, of mine, are at best a challenge, and sometimes an ordeal, to one person in particular - me. So may I occasionally make a little sense at least, and carrying on trying to live out this priestly vocation!