Friday, 5 March 2010

Images from his work 'Gethsemane', by my colleague and our Parish Deacon, Father Matthew Askey, currently on display in the All Souls' Chapel in All Saints Church.

Matthew writes, on his website: Utopia Park,

Gethsemane is conceived as a series of prayer meditations that make up a continuous narrative when seen as a whole, it is similar in structure to the Stations of the Cross. This series brings before us the events of Maundy Thursday evening in the Garden of Gethsemane; the turning point in Jesus’ ministry and the start of his Passion.

It is a key moment for Christians, the point where Jesus prays that God’s will be done and where he hands himself over to the officers, trusting that this is what is needed for him to realise his mission. Gethsemane is an intensely prayerful evening where Jesus shows what is needed (prayer) and where the disciples fail to rise to the challenge and sleep through the agony Jesus is experiencing as he humbles himself and confirms his destiny.

We are invited to take up this prayer in God’s eternity and join Jesus in the garden as he prays for all he holds dear, the future of his friends and the peace of mankind.