Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday, and the early Mass was preceded today by an unusual game of 'Hunt the Chasuble.' The Sacristy at All Saints is being decorated, which means the entire contents of that Tardis-like space are now arranged temporarily in the Chancel, behind the main/nave Altar. Once suitable vesture was found, we gave thanks for the formidable Carmelite and Teacher of the Faith, S.Teresa of Avila, author not only of the famous bookmark, but also of the line , From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, Good Lord, Deliver me; an essential prayer for catholics of all traditions. We also made a commemoration of the Anniversary of the Translation of the Image of Our Lady of Walsingham, recorded on this well known picture, as the Image was moved from the Parish Church to the newly built Holy House, in 1931.

From the Collect: ..aided by her (Mary's) Intercession with your Son, we might walk the pilgrim way of faith and so come to our home in heaven.

After a fairly gruelling but not untypical week, much of the rest of today has been spent playing catch up, especially in the preparation and addressing of Invitations to the November Memorial Services, and All Souls Requiems.

Pursuing the blessed relief of the trivial round, the common task, I did find time also to clear out the front of the garage, and take a car load of stuff up for recycling. Having changed out of clericals to do this, as inevitably it can be a grimy task, occasioned a variety of insults; our local RC priest spied me, and decided to announce that I appeared to have put on a little weight, while a (lay) colleague from the Hospice Chaplaincy Team, calling round to collect the Blessed Sacrament and make arrangements for this afternoons visits, informed me he had never seen me without a Clerical Collar, and that I looked almost human.

Someone obviously needs to get a life...I have a horrible feeling it's me....