Friday, 11 February 2011

The View from Here

A view that has not been seen as clearly for some years. Thanks to Calderdale Council's work over recent days, much of the undergrowth around the east end of S.Marys has been cleared away. The graveyard has technically been closed for well over 100 years, and its maintenance demands have gradually got too much for us in recent times, despite sterling work by some dedicated individuals.

These pictures were taken earlier today, in poor light. Though there is still work to do in restoring this area, we have been able to take a significant step forward. Over the other side of Huddersfield Road, behind the photographer's back, as it were, is the disputed site on which Morrisons have applied to build a new supermarket; an application not without controversy, but which does seem to be supported by most people in Elland. It will certainly go a long way towards regenerating a forgotten part of this Town.

Last night we held an Open Meeting within the Deanery, a consultation on the Draft Measure that has been sent from General Synod to the Dioceses, that will permit the Consecration of Women as Bishops in the Church of England. An excellent turn out heard two very different presentations, one in favour of the Measure, one not, but both speakers charitably and constructively wishing to engage with each other, not simply to win debating points. Wherever we begin from, conditions our view of things, even though we may be standing much nearer to each other than we think. Although we struggled a little to understand the Synod-Legalese in which the measure is cast, there was, on the whole, a commendable willingness to remember that we are fellow members one of another, and of the Body of Christ, and not rivals or opponents. A Vote was taken, the result clearly in favour of the Measure, though not by the necessary majority to pass were it any more than advisory. Clearly a number who are not necessarily against the principle, are not sure that this is the right way to go about it.

Its all kicking off very soon however. Tomorrow, finally, a new Super League season begins, 4 games
tomorrow, 3 on Sunday, all televised live from Cardiff, the Magic Weekend. As they say, Bring it on..