Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Hepworth

For once, a Saturday afternoon without 101 things still to do before the Lord's Day begins, so the current Mrs Burrows' wish to visit the new Debenhams in Wakefield means I can finally get around to a visit to the Hepworth, centrepiece of the Waterfront regeneration project alongside the River Calder, a £35m home for the work of the locally born Sculptor and Artist Barbara Hepworth, as well as the Wakefield City Art Gallery Collection.

A great place to spend a couple of hours, perhaps what really impressed me most of all was the Gallery Building itself. It's location, even alongside a main traffic artery is stunning, well thought out, and the environs perectly complimentary. Officially, the design is 'bold and modern'; some have criticized it as brutalist, but, for me, it works - the galleries are light and airy, almost as if you were inside the Artist's Studio. Local interest is present also in a collection of prints and paintings of the nearby Chantry Chapel, also open this afternoon, and a hive of activity.