Friday, 25 November 2011


Today we have completed the Visits from and to Brooksbank School. All 10 Year 7 Classes visit All Saints, and then we have an opportunity to lead a session for each Class back in School, talking about the life and work of a Priest.

The Questions are always fun.

Amongst this year's gems were:

'Don't you think you should be doing a proper job?'

'Why do you wear that plastic thing round your neck?'

'Is it wrong to sit on a Gravestone?'

'Do you burn the Bodies?' - My Answer, Are you talking about Cremation? - 'Yes, what happens when you burn a body?'

'Is there anything banned in Church?'

We did conclude, however, with my being told, 'It would be a shame if Church wasn't there - there would be nowhere to sit when you needed help'.