Saturday, 14 April 2012

Elland Slows Down

The 20mph Zones have arrived, as shown by this sign on Northgate by St Mary's Churchyard, also exhorting us all to be responsible dog owners.

Holy Week and Easter didn't slow down at all, congregation numbers showed a significant increase at all the major Liturgies. Being a little weary in mind and body this week, I have had no option but to slow down through illness, though I have mananged the Daily Mass in Easter Week, always one of the most spiritually rewarding times of the year for a priest, the bounty after the fast.

As pictured here this morning during April Showers, the next Phase of the crucial fabric work has begun at St Mary's, with scaffolding in place outside for re-pointing and other ancillary tasks. Inside, we will soon see the walls re-plastered. I have to admit I have got used to seeeing the rubble and stone on the bare walls, it has been a helpful visual metaphor for those of us who feel we too are but a work in progress, as we will reflect tomorrow on the Sunday of St Thomas; not 'doubting Thomas', but 'Thomas, man of faith.'