Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Time to Celebrate

Well Done to Mrs Holdsworth our Head, to the Staff, Children and fellow Governors of Elland Church of England School. Our OFSTED Report, made public today, and available soon on the OFSTED Website, tells us we are a GOOD School!

 Summary of key findings for parents and pupils
This is a good school.
n Pupils make good progress. They read well and their handwriting is neat and legible.
n Standards in reading, writing and mathematics have gone up significantly over the past two years.
n The large majority of pupils reach the nationally expected standards in their tests. Each year more and more pupils do better than this.
n The school is well led and managed. The leadership of teaching is a strength.
n Teaching is good in every class and sometimes it is outstanding. Lessons are active and fun.
n Pupils are keen to do well. They work hard and discuss work sensibly with a partner. They work well on their own and in groups.
n Attendance has gone up each year for the past three years. It is above average. Few pupils arrive late, because they enjoy coming to school.
n Pupils feel safe. Older pupils take care of younger ones at break and lunchtimes. Pupils are kind to each other and play well together.
n The curriculum enlivens pupils’ learning. It develops their confidence, awareness and appreciation of art, music and other subjects, and excites their curiosity.
n The school has improved considerably since the last inspection. School leaders know exactly what the school needs to do to improve further.
n Governors support and challenge the school to good effect. This school continues to get better.