Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spy Wednesday in the Snow

The phenomenal amount of Snow over last weekend seems to have created a new variant of that gently competitive game that Clergy do so well, though we really should know better. Instead of competing to be the busiest priest around, or playing the numbers game, we now have 'We've had much more snow than you have.' 
In the spirit of which, here is a picture of my driveway ....
 A Liturgical chill descends on Wednesday in Holy Week. Jesus tells Judas, 'Do quickly what you are going to do', Judas leaves, and the Gospel writer tells us, 'And it was night'.
I have been encouraged by those who have turned out to Mass so far this week, and Palm Sunday was much better than I could have reasonably expected, given the conditions. Our School Holy Week Service had to be held in the School Hall today, rather than in St Mary's, but Palm Crosses were given out and we told the story of the death and resurrection of Our Lord through the special foods of this Week, Hot Cross Buns and Eggs.
The Triduum awaits, beginning with the Chrism Mass and Clergy Lunch at our restored Cathedral. The weather prevented my attendance at the re-dedication Service last Saturday, but the Nave certainly looks stunning on the pictures.
 Otherwise, Sermons and Service Sheets are mostly ready, but there ought to be a golden rule at this point in Holy Week - don't worry about it!
A Blessed Triduum to all.