Friday, 25 April 2014

Surrexit Christus Alleluia!

Illness, and a Family Bereavement have both contributed to the most exhausting Lent I can remember in a long time. Holy Week brought a Farewell to the Diocese of Wakefield and Bishop Stephen, and, in the Lord's good grace, we did make it to Easter Day, (and to a new Diocese..)

My general air of 'wrecked-ness', and a heightened sense of the common priestly feeling of 'I should have being doing this 3 weeks ago,', have conspired more than ever to leave me struggling for anything to say, and there is nothing less helpful I think than a priest always making excuses. Yet we have been carried, by the affection and prayers of those who have been willing to understand what has been going on.

Thank you to Andy Freeman for the picture of the Cross planted following Good Friday's Procession and Act of Witness, and to the good folk of Elland who were willing to accept an Easter Egg and a copy of the Easter Story from me.